Old paintings, new exhibit

I’ve submitted two paintings to the Kansas City Artists Coalition’s River Market Regional Exhibition, and is open to all artists residing in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Artists are invited to interpret the theme “Sounds of the City,” drawing on whatever musical, rhythmic, organic, staccato sound that inspires you.

These are the two paintings from my collection that I hope will be accepted for the show…

Left:  Night Music, 40″ x 32″ acrylic on paper, painted in 1994
Right:  Jazz, acrylic on canvas, painted in 2004

Won’t hear until June 12 whether or not they’ll be in the exhibit. Wish me luck!

Wishful thinking

I haven’t been painting as much recently because the weather has been bitter cold and gray, then there’s a hint of sunshine and brief warm up followed by more cold and dismal skies. Wish Mother Nature would make up her mind!

But now the sun has been shining and I’m looking forward to Spring and Summer, and am finally in the mood to paint. Here’s the most recent “wishful thinking” painting that I’ve been working on … sunshine, blue sky, puffy clouds and a warm breeze … aaaaahhh!


Repainting a Painting

I spend more time in my studio during these cold and dreary days, and this painting I had completed some time ago….but I was never really happy with the finished piece. I don’t remember repainting or correcting a painting once I think I’m finished…but, in this case….I’m happy with the outcome. The only risk would be that I could have made the painting worse…but not this time! Enjoy Feb 7, 2015

Sharing is Good!

I received some great new dog/cat rescue stories this past fall and have been busy painting  and rewriting (where needed) . Now that the  work is done, we are busy finding a new publisher in the Kansas City area that will do small book runs for us. I don’t really think of myself as an illustrator, so sometimes it has been a challenge to paint the story.  Some stories and photos  look really very easy to translate…but then aren’t!  What’s best about the whole project is reading and re-reading the submitted stories and gazing at the photos of the many lucky dogs and cats that have found a great (and sometimes very patient)  home.SharingDog