Back to Big Canvas

My latest work has been acrylic painting  on large paper.  In early June, I completed the first “set” of paintings based on some great stories that dog rescuers sent to me along with some pictures of their rescued dog(s).  It was a challenge to my organizational skills to keep photos and stories straight, but I got the job done along with permission to publish their story.  The rescue stories were awesome and inspiring .Hopefully, the stories published in a small book , A Chair for HelenEarly Morning (detail), will encourage others to jump into the rescue mode.  There are so many dogs needing a home and they really are the best company! I’ve lived with at least one dog, Bella, for over 10 years. Presently we have 4 great companions just sleeping here in my studio on this very hot summer day.

Now in the midst of summer I’m back to working on large canvas.  I’m surprised at the learning curve I’ve had to experience just to get back to what I’ve been doing for the last 15 years!  I’m re- learning to paint and re- discover my “style” .

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