What’s the perfect age to retire? How will you know you’re ready?

the perfect age to retire has no number.  I can’t imagine not having some compelling reason to get up every morning.   I’ve worked at many “jobs” in my life from banking, teaching to being a sales person…and now it seems I’ve found the job that I’ve done all my life while I was doing all those other jobs….painting!  I’m lucky!

I always painted while I was doing other work to make an income. The creation of Bellacompany really set me free from the schedule of others (pretty much) and has allowed me to take the time to really paint more as well as give some assistance to dog rescue agencies.  I have no concept of retirement….and can’t figure out what one would do in it!

3 thoughts on “What’s the perfect age to retire? How will you know you’re ready?

  1. You are indeed are one of the lucky ones to be able to turn your passion and artistic talents into an ideal work environment and business for you — one that you love and control — and get paid to do. I think if we really slow down enough to listen to internal guide, we’ll find our hidden secret of what we really should be spending our time doing — giving our gift to the world. But if we just plod along doing whatever comes easy or whatever someone else tells us to do, that’s a whole different outcome — misery. Keep painting and being grateful for the life you’ve created.

    • I think it’s difficult to embrace the thing you love because there is such a big chance it might go away…probably learned at the age of “just born” and enhanced by all the events that followed!

      • Remember you only retire from a job; you never retire from something you love. “Job” equals income; “love” equals passion and meaning. You have been able to combine job and love.

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