mystical dog with cat

This painting started with a figure and a dog and cat…Now, only the evidence of a human remains and everything is at peace.  An unfinished, unresolved painting is very disturbing so I return again and again until there is enough resolution to move on to another painting.  I’m feeling pretty good about this “Mystical Dog with Cat”. Time to start a new painting! (Aug.1, 2011)

dog and cat nap in a world of their own

2 thoughts on “mystical dog with cat

  1. This is strangely awesome. Maybe the only way for there to be peace in the world would be if people were nothing but a memory. I feel like you should move on this painting is perfect. Oh look at me my first reply to a blog. Just for you mom.

    • without family…we’d all be lost or at least lonely! I appreciate your comment and actually think it’s an awesome comment….I love people as nothing but a memory!

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