Found Art

I sometimes think that my studio is inhabited by elves. They drink wine at nite and dance and sing. Then they move my art and my furniture around.  I  follow their lead and also move studio art and furniture around every time I start a new painting or project.  I have no idea why I do this…but I consistently do this. ( I never drink wine while moving furniture around). (That would be dangerous)

The other day I discovered a paper piece that I hadn’t seen in some time. It was a part of a project for a t-shirt design for the local MoKan border Collie Rescue.  The painting was a reject….but, now that I see it again, I think, not bad! I had an empty frame from the Give Me That Dog project so I framed it up and put it in our store….it looks pretty good out in the public eye.

I have a difficult time leaving a painting very long once I get working, and then, when I think I’m finished, I have a hard time going back to work on the piece. Painting is a lot like a conversation….only with paper or canvas and paint.  Once the back and forth is done, it’s hard to jump back in at the same place and with the same feeling.  In this case, my working pattern really paid off.  I like the painting much better than I did when I put it away.  I remember looking at it long and hard when I was working on it…and it didn’t seem like there was really anything more I could do to make the dog fly any better.


One thought on “Found Art

  1. Really like the feeling of movement to this one. Hope it is still there next time I get to stop in at the shop. Would like to see this one in person.

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