Losing a dog

I'll have another please!

Helen, my yellow blind lab, died the day after I returned from my trip to Seattle. She came from Animal Haven , a no kill dog rescue, in Kansas City.  I heard about her on the radio driving to KC and just went and got her.  She was  out of her mind in the shelter, but better when I got her in the car.  No one knew where she came from….just found wandering on a road and turned in to the shelter.  She loved to ride in the car, and she quickly learned  schedules and then made us stick to them. I’m sure she ran trains in her last life. She became our time of the day reminder….as in: Time to walk, time to eat, time to go outside, time to eat, time to watch tv, time to go to bed.  For awhile she slept in my studio at nite,  but as she got older and less trustworthy, I thought she’d be better off in the kitchen. Our vet, Dr. Johnson, gave her excellent care as she struggled with heart trouble.  Yesterday she slept on the front porch all day and wasn’t interested in eating. Then, I knew it was time to let her wander to  yellow dog heaven with all the other free dogs.  Her best qualities were that she hardly ever barked,  she was a great energetic walker and could even walk off lead on this walking path we have in Weston.   She never really liked affection. I think she thought we were going to trick her by being nice first…. but she did hang out with us and I think she enjoyed the life around her. Her tail did wag all day.

5 thoughts on “Losing a dog

  1. Marie, so sorry to hear about Helen. Thank you so much for letting my friends and I meet her last month. You ladies are wonderful, God bless you for giving her a wonderful home before she went to the rainbow bridge.

  2. Although Helen was a difficult dog and her behavior could be quite frustrating, our “pack” is really off balance now! Marie and I were so aware of Helen’s “timetable.” Now we have to remind ourselves that it’s time to walk, time to eat, time to let the other dogs out. Our other dogs, Casey, Noodle and Dot seem out of sorts also. Maybe Helen and Bella are snoozing together in yellow dog heaven!

  3. Isn’t that what life’s all about. To live a life makes you want to wag your tail all day. You did such a good thing by taking Helen and giving her love and allowing her to trust you.

  4. Kate, Marie, I am so sorry to hear about Helen. Know that with your pack she had the best of all possible worlds at her paw tips. She being the timekeeper sounds familiar. When I lost Zoe (miniature poodle) she had ruled the household over my self, Otis (terrier mix), and Buddy (cock-a-poo). Our days too went aimlessly till we could reset our clocks as 3. Since then Otis had medical issues to cause him to also go blind. Time to regroup. Then last Monday, the 22nd, Otis was beyond tired and needed to rest. So now it is time to reset the clock again with 2. And, when we get our stride back and find the right misfit to fill the space. We’ll start again. I’d like to think Otis is with Zoe in yellow dog heaven. It must be beautiful there.
    Thinking of you both and your pack, Doug Rooks

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