Art inspired by a rescued dog

While I was visiting my cousin on the west coast, my partner and her sister rescued a poorly treated neighbor German shorthair dog. He was big and  bouncy and we have one dog who takes exception to any “unpack” dog she sees so, before they could move the dog to a better place, they kenneled him in my studio at night. One of the big problems with rescued dogs is that it takes awhile  to figure out their typical likes and dislikes.  Turns out, the dog was terrified by thunder storms.  He broke out of his kennel and trashed three  acrylic on paper paintings.  One was sold already, so I’ll need to repaint that. (I’m pretty good at copying myself…and sometimes even make some improvements on the original). One was auctioned on our facebook page, and we were just getting ready to ship it.  The name of that painting was The Deconstruction Team.  There were enough pieces of that painting left that I was able to reconstruct the Desconstruct!  All’s well that ends well. I’m somewhere between a frown and a smile.  When I get over jet lag which I guess takes longer as one gets older… I’ll be fine and the German shorthair will be rehomed  with some folks who are familiar with the breed and his other likes and dislikes.  For now, he’s doing very well on a farm (except on those stormy days when he is kept in the basement of the farm house).

3 thoughts on “Art inspired by a rescued dog

  1. I love this story. I once designed and created a very cute quilt for my then 15 year old Golden’s birthday. He lived to 17. Then we had a very sweet yellow lab guest and I saw him sitting curled up on the unfinished quilt (a few needles were still on it as I finished the hand sewing. Oh no, Buddy, that’s not for sitting, I said and moved it. I noticed he chewed all the corners. Darn. Oh well I thought, I have a bit of fabric, I can fix it. But then I saw he chewed a big hole in the middle!!! I sighed and tried to get mad, but I couldn’t. I had just enough fabric to fix it and it has even more meaning now. And you can hardly tell!

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