Repainting a Destroyed painting

        It’s actually very difficult to copy myself, so I don’t worry too much about someone else trying. Several paper pieces were recently badly damaged by a dog we rescued from a bad situation. He was on his way to a new home, but spent some time in my studio while I was out of town….My partner had no idea that the dog was terrified of thunder storms.  He broke out of his kennel and tore up two paintings that were waiting to be shipped.  The Destruction painting was headed for a fund raiser in Hawaii, and I was able to patch it together enough that perhaps the dog’s input added a great tale to the piece! The other painting (pictured at top) was so yummy, that some pieces were actually missing, and the painting  was already sold, so I’ve been working away at copying myself.  The good news is that I like the new painting even better. Hopefully the customer will agree. See for yourself!

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