Revision Revision

Spirit Guides I  have been  working on a real title for this painting. It is very cave drawing like…which is where I was headed when I first started working on this.  If I lived in a cave, I would draw my favorite spirit guides on the walls, and they would be my protectors! And, they would be my dogs! Dogs have always taken this roll for us. Their reward should be a warm safe place, good food, an walk everyday, a treat before bed and a bed of their own near us at night.  Our reward for providing them all of the above is we hear the warning bark that someone is near! Friend or foe, we look to see who it might be.

That being said…That is the name of this painting.

Spirit Guides

This painting is acrylic (Golden brand) paint on canvas. Size 48″X58″

One thought on “Revision Revision

  1. I so love that you take time and give thought to naming your paintings. They are worthy of names. I hate going to galleries to lean in to see the name of the piece only to read untitled or untitled 2. What’s up with that?

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