Jake the Weather Dog

It’s amazing how a dog will show up in your life and just lead you to a new level of understanding and yes,even a new level of frustration.  I have thought it would be cool if dogs could talk, for some limited amount of time, so we could get to the important stuff about them quickly!  But, alas, we can observe, change the situation, yell, bark, swear, and sit back in contemplation about all the stuff in our lives that we have little or no control over.

Jake is one tough customer. I am going with his current care taker to talk to Dr. Hunthausen this coming week.  It seems his care taker has done everything to make this crazy dog more comfortable…but, we are not there yet.   He remains a puzzle with no easy fitting pieces. Here is the list of what Cindy has tried so far: A thunder shirt, a soft, but strong kennel, lots of blankets, a garage, several walks a day, anxiety meds,  and, as much attention as she can give him without losing her job.

I’ve created a painting about him. We will be auctioning it off on face book to help pay for his expenses . Also, I’m sure I’ll have some helpful advice to pass on. Check back!

The adventure continues…..

3 thoughts on “Jake the Weather Dog

  1. Marie, once again, you’ve captured Jake’s sweet disposition and our frustration in your words and painting. Jake is an amazingly sweet and loving dog…unless there’s a thunderstorm or if he’s left alone. Hope the puzzle can be put back together.

  2. Love your work, Marie. Have several prints and t-shirts and given them as gifts. In our dozen or more rescues, we have had several storm frightened kids. Our best solution was a plywood dog box, framework on the outside so teeth couldn’t chew it, small airholes in the top. Our basset didn’t like it, but it saved many sleepless nights, and much destruction while we were at work. However, our English pointer LOVED it and at the beginning of a rumble, ran to get put in it. My girlfriend whose father hunted pointers said they loved to get shut into the car trunk at the first rumble of a storm. Safe spots to them. Just ideas.

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