Copying myself

Every now and then, someone requests a copy of a painting I’ve completed and sold.  I don’t personally know other artists who do this, but I’m sure they are out there.  It’s difficult to tell what paintings will sell and which ones will not. Unless I’m painting a commission, I paint what I feel like painting!  It is a compliment when an art buyer requests a repaint of a sold painting.  The repainting is certainly not exactly like the original.  I guess I could project an image of the original on a blank canvas, but that would be too precise for me.  In the repainting, I can revisit the original idea and make changes that may even improve the original idea….I don’t know if they are really “improvements”…more like just changes in my present painting style and color choices.  In the past, I have repainted “Best Friends”…a black dog and yellow dog sitting side by side several times,  and  Three Black Dogs.  Three Black Dogs was originally donated to a rescue fund raiser back east….

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