from a cave to the world

run before the storm

I’ve had this painting called “dog Cave”  (see previous blog) hanging in my studio for it seems like an eternity, but in reality….only about a month. I wasn’t sure what I was trying to say…and whether memory caves were such a good idea anyway.  Who needs to live in a cave? who needs to “remember” the past when the present offers some amazing beauty of it’s own.  If I were always in the past, I might not be open to the present….to the sky!

So, even after some huge amount of work on the “dog Cave”, I took the large brush to this work and transformed it into a painting on the go. I was inspired by this incredible cloud formation I took a photo of last week. I’m finding clouds and sky formations very lovely and I’d like to do more of this kind of work…..really really.  The sky seems to offer a surprise every day with really great ” one of a kind” paintings as a possible new direction. I have a camera full of these daily cloud/weather events. I feel the need to not only record them with my I-Phone,

but also to paint these amazing events.  This may be one of the benefits living in a small town north of a big city.  The sky seems to be a much bigger part of my life every day!  I don’t know why I’ve been resisting the urge to do these clouds when I have an I-phone packed with many great sky images….

Good Intentions

Fall seems like a good time to take a breath. It’s not hot, and it’s not cold.  The sun comes in at a slant and lights up all the summer dust in every room of the house. Papers and drawings are just lying around waiting to be organized.  It’s a mess!

As a small business owner, I’m pulled in many directions.  There is management of Bellacompany and the t-shirts and caps and on-line customers, and then there is also working on paintings!  Today I reviewed all of the stories and photos I received last fall for our “Give Me That Dog” project.  I did manage to complete 10 stories and paintings and we did publish a small book,  called “A Chair for Helen”.  We also auctioned off some of the paintings on our facebook after giving the story teller first dibs!  In my imagination, these projects are never as complicated as they turn out, but I think the end result was worth the work!

I always imagine that I can accomplish a lot more in a little bit of time than is even realistic.  That’s where my imagination hits the wall of time available (sometimes called reality)! There are quite a few great stories and pictures in a folder waiting for my attention.  It feels good to get the files all straightened up and review the future work to do. I hope to get back to this in January of 2012! Winter is a much better time to do studio work.

Meanwhile, my original goal in creating this blog was to talk about some of my favorite artists!. Call this my reminder blog!…or, my nag blog.  I know if I write it down, it will happen sooner or later!  If I don’t write it down,  whatever project I have in mind will just probably not get done anytime soon.