I’m attempting to do more “fantasy” work…ie, I just make up a painting subject out of thin air, but sometimes someone makes an irresistable  request…and how can I say no!  A  woman from the Carolina Care Bullies association called to ask us for a donation and I promised her I would make a painting that we could auction off on our face book page.  The photo she sent was simply beautiful so I am happy to keep my promise! The photo was so Edward Hopper in feeling….and I think the painting looks a little E Hopper as well. I always have such great plans for what I can accomplish in a day…but maybe I should just let the day present my schedule and hope for the best. In the case of “Valentino” I’m glad that I put my own agenda on the bench for awhile. I’ll return to fantasy land tomorrow. That’s were the paint and the light and the music just lead to an unexpected result.  The canvas is ready.

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