Let Freedom Ring

painted on Martin Luther King's day of celebration

I’ve been working on a small canvas trying to lose the illustrator painter in my brain. Painting and creating images for Bellacompany t-shirts are really two different creative pursuits. Even though “Rescued” was originally a custom portrait that has since become the most popular t-shirt in our Bellacompany line, not all my paintings are created for t-shirts! Had I been working on a Bellacompany design, the Rescued painting would probably not have had such great appeal. It’s a mystery…The line between illustration and painting is a fine one, but this year I hope to define my purpose before I pick up a brush! a painting is a painting. At least when I’m in my studio I should have in mind which it is I’m working on! If I’m really painting, then, I’m simply painting what comes to mind with no particular audience or goal, or purpose in mind.
Painting is an exploration of an idea or feeling. An expression of the day. A trip to nowhere in particular. The conversation with a canvas, subtle and intuitive..an evolution. Setting some kind of goal as to the end product or even the subject limits the outcome. Painting really is an exploration into new territory. The tools (brushes,canvas and paint) might be familiar, the rest of the painting is best when it begins as a mystery with only a white canvas to start.

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