Fairy Dog Mother

We just created a one color design called “Fairy dog Mother” for our t-shirt line. I couldn’t resist coloring in the lines of the illustration, so here is the “colorful” rendition of Fairy Dog Mother! The painting on paper will be up for auction soon, and will be on display at our art walk this coming weekend,  This is a large acrylic painting on paper.( Size 30X40″). The Art Walk is March 31 and April 1st from noon to five both days.  Local  mid west artists will be showing their fine art and craft in several homes here in Weston. If you live in the KC area….come on up!

Invitation to a Walk

Everything seems to happen quickly in spring!  The garden is blooming so fast, I could probably just sit and watch it like a movie!  We had a dry winter, so rain is welcome even though it makes dog walking and gardening more difficult.  The invitation to a walk is my attempt to capture this fleeting time of the year!

Invitation to a Walk

Ask a Yellow Dog!

I’ve been working on some smaller canvas and enjoying the simplicity and uncomplicated effort.  I started this Yellow Dog painting  last year and have been moving it and looking at it for some time. Yesterday it almost finished itself.  I was thinking about our blind dog Helen when I painted it.  She was such a strong and inspirational force in our lives. She was a true survivor and she had the will and determination to get what she needed.

I had this idea to write some about artists that I have admired…and still admire, so I hope to get back into that groove with my next blogs.  It will be great to take the time to revisit some great art books I have and the work shown in them.  The experience will be like taking a big art vitamin pill to restring the bow!Helen remembered

Blue Dog Yard Meditation

As spring makes it’s windy approach, I begin to think about the yard and what kinds of flowers we might have this summer. But, I resist for now because I know mother nature always has some weather tricks up her sleeve!  It’s a great and energetic time to paint and dream while waiting for planting time. “Blue Dog Yard Meditation”  might be an expression of that kind of patience.