what’s next?

I had my first ( and hopefully last)  root canal last week.  I’ve gone to hell and back with my teeth…I think it’s worth it as I still have them all and they aren’t in any danger…but, boy oh boy… Some would call me a baby…so what?  All that work done so close to my tiny brain….ouch!

As I struggle to regain my sense of humor, I’ve come up with an idea that I think will be fun…and readers might enjoy the art and the stories too.

Life with Dogs and Cats will be the general topic ….and the first painting will have something to do with yesterday’s event. As we left for our morning walk, I placed my “practically invisible” glasses on top of a large file cabinet.  When we returned, I didn’t immediately retrieve my glasses.  Our Black tuxedo  kitten managed to find them (she is very clever and curious), knocked them to the floor where they were retrieved by Lola who gave them a thorough investigation with her teeth.  She left one lens and one ear piece for my use.. I guess I could say that living with cats and dogs keeps one on their toes!

This topic is filled with great painting ideas….ie, shoes, the couch, the walk, walking a new dog, generally fighting for first place in the pack,  driving with dogs, visiting the vet, sharing food, sharing toys, …(what is a toy anyway?)  changing the routine,  and more.  I’m open to suggestions as I know we have not experienced all of the trials and tribulations that come with adding a new dog or cat to the pack!

The painting shown is new…Rescue Remenisence