I Was Reading That

A puppy is  good to have in our home because they make us look after our “stuff” more diligently, ie. shoes, magazines, toilet paper, pencils, and, of course, our reading material! We work and play at home, so we don’t always put things where they belong…if that can be an excuse, we’ll use it!

The painting, “I Was Reading That” was inspired by Lola’s efforts to make our home more orderly!

Spring Energy Ebb

If it weren’t for winter and summer, I wouldn’t get much painting done.  All of the outdoor garden work just takes up a lot of time….and who is in shape for this after sitting through a long cold winter? We had no snow this last winter, so even my arms and back are out of shape!  I’ve included a painting I did maybe 8 years ago.  It just seems like a late spring painting and thought it was worth passing along.  The painting is sold, but I might paint something similar as I enjoy seeing it whenever I surf through my painting images.

Garden with Pink Flamingo

Sometimes I just have to pick a subject at random and play. Playing can be difficult if you don’t practice this everyday…or at least often. Working is focused and targeted intentional in nature…ie, illustrations and Rescue dog paper pieces that sometimes are used as a new t-shirt design.

On the other hand, I’ve always loved my pink flamingo and that he or she deserved a painting and a chance to just see what might happen. enjoy

the “out of control” room

Every day presents new content to my life. The garden is the mediator of the turmoil of every day.  There’s nothing like removing a weed and planting a flower, or placing a big rock just where it should be to provide some balance. Some of life’s problems just have to exist!

Meanwhile, I’ve had time to paint another “living with dogs and cats” painting.  …its a way of dealing with turmoil…