repainting a painting

Sometimes a visual idea, when transferred from the brain to the canvas, can go south! I’ve been gazing at this one “leaping” dog painting I did last year. Everyday when I come into my studio…there it is on the wall. And, every time I’d focus on it, I felt that it needed work but could never come up with a solution.  Sometimes, the only solution is just paint over an idea that doesn’t work… and sometimes there is just a small clue that spurs me on to make a change.  And, as in any change one makes,  all changes require faith, courage, disappointment and finally, a solution that works! so, here is “Dogs in Tall Grass” acrylic on canvas.  Enjoy

3 thoughts on “repainting a painting

  1. Is Dogs in the Tall Grass available?
    The yellow dog is like our new rescue lab, six year old Daisy. The black dog a reminder of our dear black lab, Polly, that we lost a couple months ago. So I love the painting — a reminder of our dear Polly and a tribute to her memory in our new treasured friend and companion, the lovely Miss Daisy. Please let me know if this is available in t-shirt, print — thank you.

    Jackie Young

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