Give Me that Dog project part 1

last year we worked on a book from stories sent by folks we know from our internet business. The stories were amazing and so were the photos we received. It took about 5 months to do 10 paintings and edit the stories. The paintings were a part of a one person show I had in Leavenworth, KS. and we reproduced the stories so that people could maybe understand what inspired the painting. All of the stories were thought provoking and inspiring. The stories are proof that pretty ordinary folks go to great lengths to make a dog (or cat)s life better. And, I’m sure they don’t stop at animal assistance. I have a feeling that saving a dog is only part of what they have done to make the planet a better place to live on.
That being said, I’ve decided to work again with some of the remaining stories and photos I’ll be needing a few more stories…but I have plenty to keep me working for awhile.
This one story was so complicated, that I think I was more than a little afraid to even begin the process, but it offered a great challenge,(and a high hurdle), so I felt I should start here. The painting is called “Heaven on Earth”…all dogs rescued by a team of woman who wanted to make a difference for dogs who would probably never be adopted from the shelter because they were too old or because they had a black coat.
Helen is no long here on earth, but she will always be in my heart. She taught me how difficult it can be to bring a dog home from a shelter. And she taught me that I could do this and learn so much from the experience.

One thought on “Give Me that Dog project part 1

  1. I was so touched by this painting, because I have a rescued black dog story that is close to my heart. I know that God, my vet and I saved Shadow, a lab mix, from sure and early death, but she was wrenched from me by her former owner with the help of a Broward County Florida sheriff’s deputy. She was down to 45 pounds, refusing to eat for the 3 months since she was left in the shelter by her owner who had gone to Australia. Shadow was jaundiced, in liver failure and only days from dying. I knew that the liver will regenerate, and so I saw hope for her if I could get her out of the shelter. Their vet said she was dying and should not be adopted, but I insisted that I would take her. Well, she did survive, reached 85 pounds and was a black satin beauty. Then came my heartbreak when the former owner began his pursuit to have her returned to him. In spite of the fact I’d paid adoption fees, I was intimidated by the deputy who said she was stolen property due to the fact that the shelter had failed to follow a Florida ordinance relating to notification of a former owner. After a remarkable year I surrendered her to avoid any legal charges, and I was never able to learn of her final disposition. She is what I call my “forever dog”.

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