Turkey Vulture

turkey vulture rescue

in our hands

Some times….effort does not equal reward and a grand plan fails…part of life. I’ve painted the Turkey Vulture baby just to find closure. Not all rescues are successful, no one lives forever, etc. etc….Would I rescue this doomed bird again…you bet! The fact that we even could touch, however briefly, such a magnificent creature is a miracle…and a reminder that not all of nature is necessarily usually accessible.

The Body Guard

I received a great story about a a chihuahua that held off the well intentioned rescuer from his pit bull girlfriend. Fun to read and it’s heartwarming to get stories from dog rescuers like this on who really stepped outside the box to get these two dogs into a safe place. I’m working away at this project again, and hope to have the stories and paintings finished and published in our second small book by this very fall!!

Black Dog Dilema

A story of a failed black dog rescue came to me….I’ll bet there are more black dogs in rescue places than any other kind of dog…It’s amazing because in my experience they just seem like the nicest, friendliest dogs on the planet. I’m always surprized by the number of black labs I see available in a shelter.
For the woman who lost her rescued black dog, I say: go adopt another lovely black dog. There are many who need homes.

Roll in the Snow

What better way to spend a hot July day than to paint a story about a shy rescued dog that loved nothing more than to run and roll in the snow. This shelter dog, adopted from a shelter, was very unsure of herself.It took a long time to coax her outside for a walk when she was first adopted, but she came out of her fears and hesitations and quickly discovered the joys of a snowy day.

Blue Dogs in Summer

It’s been pretty hot in the Kansas City area….and pretty much everywhere else too. The Blue Dogs painting was inspired by my attempt to feel cool…it does seem to help. Acrylic on canvas 40X30″.
Also needing to take a brake from the work on “Give Me That Dog” project. I did save the most complicated stories and photos for the 2nd book, so they just take more time. I’m about to paint an illustration of a chihuahua<a href="https://collectmariemason.files.wordpress.com/2012/07 guarding a pit bull …..