Black Dog Dilema

A story of a failed black dog rescue came to me….I’ll bet there are more black dogs in rescue places than any other kind of dog…It’s amazing because in my experience they just seem like the nicest, friendliest dogs on the planet. I’m always surprized by the number of black labs I see available in a shelter.
For the woman who lost her rescued black dog, I say: go adopt another lovely black dog. There are many who need homes.

One thought on “Black Dog Dilema

  1. PLEASE, PLEASE, do go rescue another black dog!!! EVERYONE! They are the underdogs of all shelter dogs, and a black dog ending up in a shelter is, more often than not, facing a death sentence. Equally as loving and beautiful companions as dogs with other color coats, they face discrimination only because there are so many of them, and they were just born that way!

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