Snow Dogs was created  for  MAAL ,( The Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation), for their 2012 Christmas card.  The original painting will be auctioned off on our facebook page! Enjoy.Image

Morning Walk

Walking a dog in winter takes some planning. I’ve left the house without really realizing how cold it is. There is no going back….
This latest painting is a work on canvas and is about the idea of a walk and an actual walk. It could be called, “winter’s hesitation”…..acrylic on canvas 29×39”
ps. this is my first post on my new Blog look! hopefully it’s easier to see and enjoymorning_walk

Old Habits are sometimes Good

When we lived in Kansas City, my established working habit was to complete the Bellacompany work. during the day..for instance, ship orders, accounting, keep track of inventory and any other business chore that needed attention…pay vendor invoices, for instance.  After dinner and a short nap, I would go out to my studio and paint for an hour or more…It was a good schedule. There were few interruptions!  Last nite I went to my studio and painted!  Why did I stop doing this?  It was great. The painting is kind of ugly so far, but there is hope if I can reserve the time to focus and spend at least 2 hours with the work I’m working on. It’s my late New Year resolution.

New Year Wishes

winter's dance
The first day of the New Year I always feel reborn into a new time to think and create and change. We’ve all been through some very busy times with family and friends and just keeping up with each day as it presents itself. This past week I’ve taken some time to work on a new painting about the new year and the endless possibilities of it all! Enjoy