Painting on a snowy day

Feb-21-2013corrected />wow…could be that the drought is leaving the midwest. What a great day to work on a painting! I haven’t worked on a larger canvas in some time….very labor intensive. There is a need to step away from time to time…I think the eyes get tired of “seeing”….

A painting in progress

Dogs in woods step021513
I think that I sometimes do not stop to smell the roses….Custom work always takes priority in my painting life, and then I don’t have time or the mind set to just “create” something. My new years resolution was to paint more and just to paint …like a walk in the woods with no destination! I’m going to post the progress of this new canvas so I can follow my own steps. I always welcome company although it would make me nervous if someone was actually watching me paint! Enjoy the journey. The painting on my easel today has about 4 hours of work so far….but who’s keeping track?

Back to Painting

There’s painting…which I think of as a journey to an unplanned destination. (I remember that I used to paint more from a memory of a walk, or how much fun to just sit on the couch with a dog on a rainy day.) Portrait painting is more difficult because it involves pleasing some one who probably already has a concept in mind….even though they may not be able to express the concept. The painting process is a little like an anthropological dig…and is definitely a team effort where I pass a concept on and then, they respond with a suggestion…and back and forth until we both find the image! It’s challenging and enjoyable and I always learn something from the experience.