A painting in progress

Dogs in woods step021513
I think that I sometimes do not stop to smell the roses….Custom work always takes priority in my painting life, and then I don’t have time or the mind set to just “create” something. My new years resolution was to paint more and just to paint …like a walk in the woods with no destination! I’m going to post the progress of this new canvas so I can follow my own steps. I always welcome company although it would make me nervous if someone was actually watching me paint! Enjoy the journey. The painting on my easel today has about 4 hours of work so far….but who’s keeping track?

3 thoughts on “A painting in progress

  1. Marie,

    You should join our 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge starting this wednesday. I did one in January and found it made all of my painting more fun. I would be honored if you participated.

    They don’t have to be large or complicated. In fact I will share my last series (and normally I do dogs so this is different) in acrylics rather than pastels and a friend, a well known canine artist did only dog noses! But it can be anything at all.


    Miriam M Hughes



    A gallery in town and I are sponsoring (for lack of a better word) this challenge and will be sharing it with the world every day (also in a manner of speaking). Each day people will post their work in an album and at the end of the month we will post a show that we will be having in Hendersonville, NC!

      • I should pay more attention to comments…But, I probably will not change….ahhhh. How did the show go with 30 days of painting? Did you post some of the work somewhere?

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