Painting in Winter

Beach Running

Running Beach Dogs

All the snowy weather has given me the time (and no chance of an excuse) to paint more. I’ve been working on a new canvas and thought I’d share the evolution of my work. My paintings on paper evolve much faster than these canvas works…not sure why, but it’s true. Perhaps it’s just the time it takes for a canvas to dry enough to allow more painting makes the process more tedious and maybe more finished. don’t know…but here goes! If you enjoy the process, look for more updates as I work on this canvas!

More Art

Most of my unsold art is carried by the Strecker Nelson Art Gallery in Manhattan, Kansas. If you’d like to see more of my work, I attached a link to my “page”. This is a great gallery in every way. They ship all over the US and they are very “user” friendly! The work I show on my facebook page and this blog is newly “minted” work!