Early Spring

early1The good news is that it is finally spring! It’s hard to resist the urge to start cleaning up the yard for summer! I’m posting a picture here of mother nature’s art work so that I have a record of the beginning of the growing season.


Portrait of a Great Dog

I just finished another “headshot” of a great looking dog. These small acrylic on canvas paintings are a challenge, even tho the end result looks so simple! Find out more by visiting bellacompany.com


crueltySometimes it’s tough to get started in the day and then, the day just slips by and nothing much happens. I don’t feel like doing anything…and nothing gets done! It’s raining and grey. I could and should be jumping for joy. We’ve had a couple of years of very dry weather and all this rain really is good. Now that its early afternoon, I could almost continue to do nothing. Is doing nothing good for the soul? I hope so…this short blog is about all I’ve accomplished!
I’m not sure how many actually read this blog, but an interesting conversation might be: “how doing nothing is good for the soul”! What kind of treasures do you find in a day of day dreaming and aimless wandering around?