The Critic

I finished this painting late last year. Then, I made some corrections to it. Then, I entered it into a show competition. Then, I decided I really didn’t like the image! Who needs a jury when I have myself!
I am pleased with this Prelude to a Walk. I will be showing this painting at a wine tasting in St Joseph, Missouri this coming Thursday,


crueltySometimes it’s tough to get started in the day and then, the day just slips by and nothing much happens. I don’t feel like doing anything…and nothing gets done! It’s raining and grey. I could and should be jumping for joy. We’ve had a couple of years of very dry weather and all this rain really is good. Now that its early afternoon, I could almost continue to do nothing. Is doing nothing good for the soul? I hope so…this short blog is about all I’ve accomplished!
I’m not sure how many actually read this blog, but an interesting conversation might be: “how doing nothing is good for the soul”! What kind of treasures do you find in a day of day dreaming and aimless wandering around?