Summer Garden Painting

Garden in Summer

Small Garden Painting, July 28,2013

I have been working on one garden sketch a day. It’s a kind of vacation from illustrating and painting commissions, and even painting dogs! This painting is the result of one of those sketches…Acrylic on canvas. enjoy

More Stories Needed

It takes me some time to recover from the publishing of a new small book…but, I think I might finally be ready.
We have reserved some stories for a future edition, but I’m up for some new ideas as well….So, if you have a great rescue story (I know they are mostly all great), and you would like to send me a couple of photos and a story that is about 250 words….I could get started!
I’ve attached one of the painting’s I did for the last book. We sometimes auction the completed painting on our face book page.

By the Sea

By the Sea