4 thoughts on “Waiting for spring

    • thank you for your comment. These large paper pieces are $450.00. They are very easy to ship safely as they can be rolled and shipped in a great strong tube. The painting is acrylic on heavy 100% cotton print paper. The medium is acrylic. I will post the finished art on my blog. I often think I’m all alone on this blog, but I post here because it is such a great way to keep a record of what I’m working on!
      Mare Mason

    • This painting is 42X30 and is acrylic on beautiful 100% cotton print paper. Paintings are shipped rolled in a strong cardboard tube to avoid any damage. Cost $475 plus shipping (approx $20.00)
      Thank you for looking at my blog…I like posting here because it’s a great way to keep track of my progress.
      Marie Mason

    • Tracey, it’s always very nice to get comments on my blog. Some are unexpected! I don’t think I ever wrote you back…so, now I don’t know which painting you might have been asking about! Sorry…too many options in life sometimes! If you emailed me, I could answer this question…or, maybe I already answered this question. Have a great fall and thankyou for taking a look at my blog.

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