I’ve been painting and drawing my whole life.  My parents were kind enough to supply me with butcher paper to wrap around the walls of my bedroom so that I could draw horses and cowboys without restraint.

I attended Oregon State in Corvallis, Oregon which had a great art department at the time, and later graduated from UNLV with a fine art degree.

I’ve moved a lot, raised children, taught school, worked in a bank, and sold ad specialty products. Through it all, I found a place to paint and painted

9 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m sitting at the computer with tears in my eyes, looking at your paintings…..we have 2 prints (Rescued and The Hug ….not the name exactly) that we adore, one a gift to my husband after our black lab died, and the other a precious reminder of the dogs we have in our lives now. We have 4 dogs, 3 rescues, and one chosen. Do you have prints of the dogs in the tall grass? I hope to have more of your art in our home.

    • thank you for your generous comment. The Dogs in Tall Grass is a canvas painting and is in Manhattan, Kansas at the Strecker Nelson Gallery. However, we can make small giclee prints if you would like. Your print would be similar to the small prints we sell on line at bellacompany. Take a look and see if you would like one of these. We have not done any larger prints for awhile as we have to order many (250)….

  2. Thank you for your paintings, Marie! I manage a veterinary hospital and purchased your “Hug” print for our lobby a number of years ago. Then I purchased another and then another. We have three now, hanging where clients can enjoy them. You have a gift for sharing those special moments we have with our pets.

  3. Marie,
    Great meeting you today, viewing your paintings and sharing stories. Thank you for your time and giving my wife Paula and I a peek into your studio…very cool set-up! We thoroughly enjoyed the day in Weston with our highlight being the visit to your store and petting the dogs! You have a great selection of work and a very personable personality to boot! Hope we can stay in touch now and then!
    p.s. I think I wrote down the incorrect blog address. It should be: randymadeit.wordpress.com

    All the best,
    Randy & Paula Bright

    • thank you for coming up to our store…it was great to meet you too. Art is a private practice, so it’s always great when someone shares their enthusiasm! and also thank you for taking a look at my blog!

  4. Jeff and I SO loved viewing all of your wonderful works at your shop today. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. All of the pages that I have seen here are also great fun. We were all so involved in talking today, though, that when I got home and looked at your book again, the inscription was there for Towser and Killian, but you didn’t sign it. Ha! Loved meeting Lola and Ally(?). Hope to be back again soon!

  5. Hi Marie.. I just purchased ” a winter walk” with two dogs…and love it. I found it in a consignment shop in Delray Beach Florida and would love to purchase more of your prints directly from you! How can it purchase them?

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