More Stories Needed

It takes me some time to recover from the publishing of a new small book…but, I think I might finally be ready.
We have reserved some stories for a future edition, but I’m up for some new ideas as well….So, if you have a great rescue story (I know they are mostly all great), and you would like to send me a couple of photos and a story that is about 250 words….I could get started!
I’ve attached one of the painting’s I did for the last book. We sometimes auction the completed painting on our face book page.

By the Sea

By the Sea

The Energy to Paint

This spring I’ve been caught up designing art for our own line of t-shirts and for several rescue groups. It’s an honor to be asked and it’s fun to come up with some ideas for our business, but there is a price to pay. Imagining what others will like is not the same as painting from the heart. It’s difficult to put this in words, but the short version would be: pleasing others versus finding and exploring my own “landscape”….So, my July goal is to just take a painting journey that has no particular outcome. I will post the outcome of this adventure as I have something completed.


crueltySometimes it’s tough to get started in the day and then, the day just slips by and nothing much happens. I don’t feel like doing anything…and nothing gets done! It’s raining and grey. I could and should be jumping for joy. We’ve had a couple of years of very dry weather and all this rain really is good. Now that its early afternoon, I could almost continue to do nothing. Is doing nothing good for the soul? I hope so…this short blog is about all I’ve accomplished!
I’m not sure how many actually read this blog, but an interesting conversation might be: “how doing nothing is good for the soul”! What kind of treasures do you find in a day of day dreaming and aimless wandering around?