More Art

Most of my unsold art is carried by the Strecker Nelson Art Gallery in Manhattan, Kansas. If you’d like to see more of my work, I attached a link to my “page”. This is a great gallery in every way. They ship all over the US and they are very “user” friendly! The work I show on my facebook page and this blog is newly “minted” work!

Dogs In Woods…spring…02.15.13

Progress 02/17/12

Progress 02/17/12

A great cloudy day to work in the studio on this larger painting. I haven’t painted “large” for awhile…I need more patience in this painting. And, I need to enjoy the moment(s)

A painting in progress

Dogs in woods step021513
I think that I sometimes do not stop to smell the roses….Custom work always takes priority in my painting life, and then I don’t have time or the mind set to just “create” something. My new years resolution was to paint more and just to paint …like a walk in the woods with no destination! I’m going to post the progress of this new canvas so I can follow my own steps. I always welcome company although it would make me nervous if someone was actually watching me paint! Enjoy the journey. The painting on my easel today has about 4 hours of work so far….but who’s keeping track?