Custom Portrait Work

I find it pretty stressful to paint portraits of dogs, but in the long run, it’s very rewarding and worth the time spent. The problem always is that the dog owner knows and loves their dog(s) very much, but I only have a couple of photos to work with! The process is difficult but the end result is usually worth all the anxiety!

Back to Painting

There’s painting…which I think of as a journey to an unplanned destination. (I remember that I used to paint more from a memory of a walk, or how much fun to just sit on the couch with a dog on a rainy day.) Portrait painting is more difficult because it involves pleasing some one who probably already has a concept in mind….even though they may not be able to express the concept. The painting process is a little like an anthropological dig…and is definitely a team effort where I pass a concept on and then, they respond with a suggestion…and back and forth until we both find the image! It’s challenging and enjoyable and I always learn something from the experience.