repainting a painting

Sometimes a visual idea, when transferred from the brain to the canvas, can go south! I’ve been gazing at this one “leaping” dog painting I did last year. Everyday when I come into my studio…there it is on the wall. And, every time I’d focus on it, I felt that it needed work but could never come up with a solution.  Sometimes, the only solution is just paint over an idea that doesn’t work… and sometimes there is just a small clue that spurs me on to make a change.  And, as in any change one makes,  all changes require faith, courage, disappointment and finally, a solution that works! so, here is “Dogs in Tall Grass” acrylic on canvas.  Enjoy

I Was Reading That

A puppy is  good to have in our home because they make us look after our “stuff” more diligently, ie. shoes, magazines, toilet paper, pencils, and, of course, our reading material! We work and play at home, so we don’t always put things where they belong…if that can be an excuse, we’ll use it!

The painting, “I Was Reading That” was inspired by Lola’s efforts to make our home more orderly!

Spring Energy Ebb

If it weren’t for winter and summer, I wouldn’t get much painting done.  All of the outdoor garden work just takes up a lot of time….and who is in shape for this after sitting through a long cold winter? We had no snow this last winter, so even my arms and back are out of shape!  I’ve included a painting I did maybe 8 years ago.  It just seems like a late spring painting and thought it was worth passing along.  The painting is sold, but I might paint something similar as I enjoy seeing it whenever I surf through my painting images.

Garden with Pink Flamingo

Sometimes I just have to pick a subject at random and play. Playing can be difficult if you don’t practice this everyday…or at least often. Working is focused and targeted intentional in nature…ie, illustrations and Rescue dog paper pieces that sometimes are used as a new t-shirt design.

On the other hand, I’ve always loved my pink flamingo and that he or she deserved a painting and a chance to just see what might happen. enjoy

what’s next?

I had my first ( and hopefully last)  root canal last week.  I’ve gone to hell and back with my teeth…I think it’s worth it as I still have them all and they aren’t in any danger…but, boy oh boy… Some would call me a baby…so what?  All that work done so close to my tiny brain….ouch!

As I struggle to regain my sense of humor, I’ve come up with an idea that I think will be fun…and readers might enjoy the art and the stories too.

Life with Dogs and Cats will be the general topic ….and the first painting will have something to do with yesterday’s event. As we left for our morning walk, I placed my “practically invisible” glasses on top of a large file cabinet.  When we returned, I didn’t immediately retrieve my glasses.  Our Black tuxedo  kitten managed to find them (she is very clever and curious), knocked them to the floor where they were retrieved by Lola who gave them a thorough investigation with her teeth.  She left one lens and one ear piece for my use.. I guess I could say that living with cats and dogs keeps one on their toes!

This topic is filled with great painting ideas….ie, shoes, the couch, the walk, walking a new dog, generally fighting for first place in the pack,  driving with dogs, visiting the vet, sharing food, sharing toys, …(what is a toy anyway?)  changing the routine,  and more.  I’m open to suggestions as I know we have not experienced all of the trials and tribulations that come with adding a new dog or cat to the pack!

The painting shown is new…Rescue Remenisence

Fairy Dog Mother

We just created a one color design called “Fairy dog Mother” for our t-shirt line. I couldn’t resist coloring in the lines of the illustration, so here is the “colorful” rendition of Fairy Dog Mother! The painting on paper will be up for auction soon, and will be on display at our art walk this coming weekend,  This is a large acrylic painting on paper.( Size 30X40″). The Art Walk is March 31 and April 1st from noon to five both days.  Local  mid west artists will be showing their fine art and craft in several homes here in Weston. If you live in the KC area….come on up!

Blue Dog Yard Meditation

As spring makes it’s windy approach, I begin to think about the yard and what kinds of flowers we might have this summer. But, I resist for now because I know mother nature always has some weather tricks up her sleeve!  It’s a great and energetic time to paint and dream while waiting for planting time. “Blue Dog Yard Meditation”  might be an expression of that kind of patience.

leaping Dog

The more I paint, the more I paint.  I’m loving winter. It’s quiet. There is time to think and enjoy the quiet of leafless trees and no yard work to do.  The new pup and I can spend lots of time in my studio and we both can walk out into the seemingly lifeless back yard.  Before long, there will be all that comes with spring.  Meanwhile, here is a new canvas called  “leaping dog”.   I think it is an expression of joy.  The joy is not about anything or anybody….just that feeling that arrives out of nowhere for no particular reason!an act of joy!

Painting Small

I’ve created a couple of small (12X12) paintings of our dogs….just head shots. You’d think that painting small would be easier…or faster…but nothing really is easy or fast….I’ve placed two examples of this kind of painting on our website,  ….great price and hopefully a kind of painting that will replace the “luna Toon” idea for a custom portrait.

small canvas portrait of Dot