Hominy and Buster

Hominy and Buster

It’s a pleasure to paint in summer because it’s too hot outside to do much else. I’ll bet many artists pray for hot summers and cold snowy winters! Nothing like being trapped inside ones studio to get some paintings done! This is my third painting on the journey to 12 stories for a new small “give me that dog!”book. The photo I received of Buster really did show him with rabbit ears….What a great dog …just the

Give Me that Dog project part 1

last year we worked on a book from stories sent by folks we know from our internet business. The stories were amazing and so were the photos we received. It took about 5 months to do 10 paintings and edit the stories. The paintings were a part of a one person show I had in Leavenworth, KS. and we reproduced the stories so that people could maybe understand what inspired the painting. All of the stories were thought provoking and inspiring. The stories are proof that pretty ordinary folks go to great lengths to make a dog (or cat)s life better. And, I’m sure they don’t stop at animal assistance. I have a feeling that saving a dog is only part of what they have done to make the planet a better place to live on.
That being said, I’ve decided to work again with some of the remaining stories and photos I’ll be needing a few more stories…but I have plenty to keep me working for awhile.
This one story was so complicated, that I think I was more than a little afraid to even begin the process, but it offered a great challenge,(and a high hurdle), so I felt I should start here. The painting is called “Heaven on Earth”…all dogs rescued by a team of woman who wanted to make a difference for dogs who would probably never be adopted from the shelter because they were too old or because they had a black coat.
Helen is no long here on earth, but she will always be in my heart. She taught me how difficult it can be to bring a dog home from a shelter. And she taught me that I could do this and learn so much from the experience.

what’s next?

I had my first ( and hopefully last)  root canal last week.  I’ve gone to hell and back with my teeth…I think it’s worth it as I still have them all and they aren’t in any danger…but, boy oh boy… Some would call me a baby…so what?  All that work done so close to my tiny brain….ouch!

As I struggle to regain my sense of humor, I’ve come up with an idea that I think will be fun…and readers might enjoy the art and the stories too.

Life with Dogs and Cats will be the general topic ….and the first painting will have something to do with yesterday’s event. As we left for our morning walk, I placed my “practically invisible” glasses on top of a large file cabinet.  When we returned, I didn’t immediately retrieve my glasses.  Our Black tuxedo  kitten managed to find them (she is very clever and curious), knocked them to the floor where they were retrieved by Lola who gave them a thorough investigation with her teeth.  She left one lens and one ear piece for my use.. I guess I could say that living with cats and dogs keeps one on their toes!

This topic is filled with great painting ideas….ie, shoes, the couch, the walk, walking a new dog, generally fighting for first place in the pack,  driving with dogs, visiting the vet, sharing food, sharing toys, …(what is a toy anyway?)  changing the routine,  and more.  I’m open to suggestions as I know we have not experienced all of the trials and tribulations that come with adding a new dog or cat to the pack!

The painting shown is new…Rescue Remenisence

Fairy Dog Mother

We just created a one color design called “Fairy dog Mother” for our t-shirt line. I couldn’t resist coloring in the lines of the illustration, so here is the “colorful” rendition of Fairy Dog Mother! The painting on paper will be up for auction soon, and will be on display at our art walk this coming weekend,  This is a large acrylic painting on paper.( Size 30X40″). The Art Walk is March 31 and April 1st from noon to five both days.  Local  mid west artists will be showing their fine art and craft in several homes here in Weston. If you live in the KC area….come on up!

Transporting Work

Today, the show at the Gladstone Community Center was disassembled and transported to the Strecker Nelson Gallery in Manhattan Kansas. It’s always stressful to move art….so much can go wrong. But all went well and much of the show that was was on exhibit in Gladstone will find a new viewing spot in the great gallery in Manhattan! Paintings are sort of like children…it’s hard to let them go…one has to keep track of their every movement and I worry about damage in every transition…All is well and will be on view at the Strecker!
Some of the paper pieces I did for the “give me that dog” project will be on view there including “Matties Vacation”….
I have many unpainted stories from that project that I did last year….I need to revisit the stories to see what else I might paint from the many great stories I received….

Begin again in January

After all of the events in December, January is a welcome relief and also a time to think about what’s been done and what kinds of new work could be done! I can endlessly put off starting a new painting even though I’ve bought some canvas and primed a few….so that when the idea strikes, I’ll be ready.
We’ve made some business decisions about new t-shirt designs for Bellacompany.com. I know we should be adding and subtracting more designs to keep ourselves fresh. Some shirts such as “Rescued” have been in our line for 10 years!! and that design is still very popular along with “Ready”, Lucky Dog, and Save them All. My process is to create lots of paintings on large paper and then sit back and let the paintings speak! So, that’s the process I’m in. It’s like exploring with no particular destination or goal in mind. We are also going to restart our postcard mailing. We’ll be sending out 500 postcards per season so everyone will get one card and there will be 4 different designs. We haven’t done a mailing in a long time…lots of work and expense, but I’ve spent about a month getting the mailing lists sorted and purged. We re almost ready to go!! Waiting for Spring