Working in Summer


gardenDogsSMWhen the weather warms up, it’s time to get out of the garden and into the studio! I’ve
been having some fun creating new work for possible t-shirt designs…enjoy


Repainting a Painting

I spend more time in my studio during these cold and dreary days, and this painting I had completed some time ago….but I was never really happy with the finished piece. I don’t remember repainting or correcting a painting once I think I’m finished…but, in this case….I’m happy with the outcome. The only risk would be that I could have made the painting worse…but not this time! Enjoy Feb 7, 2015

Horses Rescue Small Dogs

story_horseRescueSMPart of the new “give me that dogs” project


Give Me That Dog

Buki&Q copy
I am ready to begin working on a new collection of stories about dog rescue. If you have a great story, please send it to us (250 words is good) along with a couple of photos of your lucky dog! We look forward to hearing from you


Climbing Rose complete

Climbing Rose is finished….! well, almost. I’ve added a little more detail..but not much!


3rd painting in a garden series

Every day I enjoy the garden with the our big dogs. They run around, I sit and create a sketch of the ever changing garden. I have started to work on some medium size canvas work from some of the drawings! It’s a great time to work outside and then, when it’s hot….in my studio.


New Leaf in Spring

New Leaf in Spring

acrylic on canvas, this “New Leaf ” painting was created from one of a series of drawings I’ve been making every day in our backyard

This painting has been purchased!