the “out of control” room

Every day presents new content to my life. The garden is the mediator of the turmoil of every day.  There’s nothing like removing a weed and planting a flower, or placing a big rock just where it should be to provide some balance. Some of life’s problems just have to exist!

Meanwhile, I’ve had time to paint another “living with dogs and cats” painting.  …its a way of dealing with turmoil…

Fairy Dog Mother

We just created a one color design called “Fairy dog Mother” for our t-shirt line. I couldn’t resist coloring in the lines of the illustration, so here is the “colorful” rendition of Fairy Dog Mother! The painting on paper will be up for auction soon, and will be on display at our art walk this coming weekend,  This is a large acrylic painting on paper.( Size 30X40″). The Art Walk is March 31 and April 1st from noon to five both days.  Local  mid west artists will be showing their fine art and craft in several homes here in Weston. If you live in the KC area….come on up!

Blue Dog Yard Meditation

As spring makes it’s windy approach, I begin to think about the yard and what kinds of flowers we might have this summer. But, I resist for now because I know mother nature always has some weather tricks up her sleeve!  It’s a great and energetic time to paint and dream while waiting for planting time. “Blue Dog Yard Meditation”  might be an expression of that kind of patience.

leaping Dog

The more I paint, the more I paint.  I’m loving winter. It’s quiet. There is time to think and enjoy the quiet of leafless trees and no yard work to do.  The new pup and I can spend lots of time in my studio and we both can walk out into the seemingly lifeless back yard.  Before long, there will be all that comes with spring.  Meanwhile, here is a new canvas called  “leaping dog”.   I think it is an expression of joy.  The joy is not about anything or anybody….just that feeling that arrives out of nowhere for no particular reason!an act of joy!

Painting Small

I’ve created a couple of small (12X12) paintings of our dogs….just head shots. You’d think that painting small would be easier…or faster…but nothing really is easy or fast….I’ve placed two examples of this kind of painting on our website,  ….great price and hopefully a kind of painting that will replace the “luna Toon” idea for a custom portrait.

small canvas portrait of Dot

Painting in Winter

What a great time to paint. It’s cold, we had some snow, tomorrow it will rain. There is no temptation to even wander in the yard and dream about spring. If it weren’t for the new dog, Lola, I would only get out to move from the house to my studio and back to the house again.
I’m working on some smaller canvas and enjoying the process. New painting, The Dog House, size 24X30″ acrylic on canvas.
I also got to thinking about my inspiration and who really taught me to paint in the first place. My grandmother was creative in the garden and she made her own lovely hats too. She also painted a great watercolor that I’ve kept in spite of all the moving I’ve done in my life. When I moved to Corvallis Oregon, I took some painting classes at OSU. The art department was terrific! Nelson Sandgren taught watercolor and he also painted in oils. His studio was an open place to visit and it was there I to learned how to make a painting. I was reminded of him today as I finished another small acrylic painting….I think he would have liked this work.

Transporting Work

Today, the show at the Gladstone Community Center was disassembled and transported to the Strecker Nelson Gallery in Manhattan Kansas. It’s always stressful to move art….so much can go wrong. But all went well and much of the show that was was on exhibit in Gladstone will find a new viewing spot in the great gallery in Manhattan! Paintings are sort of like children…it’s hard to let them go…one has to keep track of their every movement and I worry about damage in every transition…All is well and will be on view at the Strecker!
Some of the paper pieces I did for the “give me that dog” project will be on view there including “Matties Vacation”….
I have many unpainted stories from that project that I did last year….I need to revisit the stories to see what else I might paint from the many great stories I received….

Another Great Reason to be in the Studio

Life is indeed a journey of discovery. Each day brings some new event into our lives. Sometimes, I can sit back and think,….get back to work on a painting. Sometimes I can’t sit back! We just adopted a great pup from the Safe Harbor program in Lansing, Kansas.( Three dogs just seems wrong somehow, and we felt we needed another large dog to keep us company and to tell us when strangers were around!
Everybody knows that puppies are not easy, but we’ve been through this routine a few times and always survive! …the dog turns out great and they

Lola, our new rescue pup

keep us walking, moving, laughing and now….able to spend more time in my studio!
We’ve been greatly impressed with what the new pup knows already from the work an inmate has already done. Of course we have accidents, and some growling (from our established pack)…but, we
are making it through and all of our brains are getting bigger!
Another plus to this is that my studio makes a great training room! The backyard is just one step out the back door of my studio. I can paint…or at least think of painting while keeping an eye on the new pup.

Cat in Winter

The best part of winter is the great collection of continuous long cold dark days (sans snow this year) when much of life (ie gardening) slows to a snails pace and I have more time to focus on painting!
The frenzy will soon be overtaken by spring, but in the meantime…..More paintings. This painting “Cat in Winter” is inspired by our cats who have endless fun with anything they can find in our home while we are working hard in our office on Bellacompany designs and a spring craft show in Weston.
this painting is 30X24 acrylic on canvas.