New Year Wishes

winter's dance
The first day of the New Year I always feel reborn into a new time to think and create and change. We’ve all been through some very busy times with family and friends and just keeping up with each day as it presents itself. This past week I’ve taken some time to work on a new painting about the new year and the endless possibilities of it all! Enjoy

Process and Intuition

I’m working on a smaller canvas size…and it seems more difficult than larger canvas work. When I worked on larger canvas, 40X50″ plus, I would just start painting and something would happen….now I come up with a concept and even a drawing before I begin. Maybe the pre-structure limits my expression…kind of like coloring in the lines! In any case, usually what I plan doesn’t work anyway and the painting evolves into something I didn’t plan. That’s probably because painting isn’t really about thinking….it’s about finding what feels right.



Every day is a new day. What was on the easel yesterday, doesn’t work today or certainly could use some work. Finding  some time today to just wrestle with an idea about our close relationship with the dogs we live with….that doesn’t even really cover it, but I think the painting shows our relationship in the universe ….I can’t say more…let the painting speak.

Leaping border collie!

Every time I attempt to organize my studio a little more, I find some painting  that I think  someone else might enjoy!  I have worked with the MOKan Border Collie group in Kansas City  for several years. They usually have a get together in the spring…or is it fall? I’ve designed t-shirts for them from time to time.  The leaping dog has not made it to a t-shirt yet, but I  think it’s worth sharing here. It’s great to watch these border collies in action. They really do float above the ground.

As I have started to paint on canvas again, I realize how addictive painting on paper can be.  Canvas work just takes much longer to build the paint on to get the rich painted feel.  Paper is more absorbent and can suffer from overwork.

Border Collie agility

Agility dog

Inspiration is lurking somewhere near you

detail from Nicolas De Stael painting

Last evening I began to think about all the artists who inspired me to start painting.   I lived in Corvallis Oregon and there was a small book store downtown. One day on my lunch hour I went over there to browse and this art book just jumped off the shelf at me. Nicolas De Stael.  We didn’t have lots of money, so I wasn’t sure I should buy the  book. I went back to work and worried all day that someone else would buy that book. At closing time I rushed back and bought the book!  I’ve had it with me ever since. When I look at it now, I can’t quite remember what knocked my socks off so long ago. …but I enjoy looking still.  I also saw his work in Seattle at the Worlds Fair.

What’s my point?  I guess one should pay careful attention when their socks are knocked off.  Opportunity comes and goes away.