Cat in Winter

The best part of winter is the great collection of continuous long cold dark days (sans snow this year) when much of life (ie gardening) slows to a snails pace and I have more time to focus on painting!
The frenzy will soon be overtaken by spring, but in the meantime…..More paintings. This painting “Cat in Winter” is inspired by our cats who have endless fun with anything they can find in our home while we are working hard in our office on Bellacompany designs and a spring craft show in Weston.
this painting is 30X24 acrylic on canvas.

Painting Large, Painting Small

It’s great to have the time to experiment with a new idea. One thing that winter allows more of is time to think about where we might be headed and what new paths we might explore. When I say “we”, I mean a blend of my art and which features my art on t-shirts. I’ve been growing this business for about 14 years and it certainly has expanded and evolved. We have lots of faithful followers who enjoy the t-shirts and also my art. I’ve just been thinking that I would like to reduce the t-shirt sales and increase the art sales. I’m not sure if folks would like a small “head shot” of their dog or not, but it’s certainly worth a try! The small portraits would be more expensive than a “Luna Toon”, but less expensive than a full scale portrait! Doing only head shots also will relieve me from the concern about the “landscape” around a full dog as well. The examples posted are of our two dogs, Noodle and Dot. I will also do at least one cat portrait as well so that my style will be apparent to all. Enjoy and comment if you would!