Leaping border collie!

Every time I attempt to organize my studio a little more, I find some painting  that I think  someone else might enjoy!  I have worked with the MOKan Border Collie group in Kansas City  for several years. They usually have a get together in the spring…or is it fall? I’ve designed t-shirts for them from time to time.  The leaping dog has not made it to a t-shirt yet, but I  think it’s worth sharing here. It’s great to watch these border collies in action. They really do float above the ground.

As I have started to paint on canvas again, I realize how addictive painting on paper can be.  Canvas work just takes much longer to build the paint on to get the rich painted feel.  Paper is more absorbent and can suffer from overwork.

Border Collie agility

Agility dog


Even though every day is  filled with many tasks,  I’m consistently spending time in my studio. When I did the Give Me That Dog Project, I picked up the habit of spending time in my studio each day. Just being here every day for a few hours has moved my painting life forward!  Yesterday I actually got some paintings up on my newly painted studio walls.  Now it looks like I live and work  here!

I’ve started a new painting and thought it might be interesting to  see a painting in progress. The work contains the good, the possible and the ugly.  The progress of a painting can be almost a painful experience…like a hike up a small mountain.  Lots of other “stuff” gets in the way and some of the choices I make today may be unacceptable tomorrow.  There is a kind of “lostness” to the experience.  The key is to hang in there until there is a resolution….everything working together in just the right way. Kind of mystical. Enjoy!