Another Great Reason to be in the Studio

Life is indeed a journey of discovery. Each day brings some new event into our lives. Sometimes, I can sit back and think,….get back to work on a painting. Sometimes I can’t sit back! We just adopted a great pup from the Safe Harbor program in Lansing, Kansas.( Three dogs just seems wrong somehow, and we felt we needed another large dog to keep us company and to tell us when strangers were around!
Everybody knows that puppies are not easy, but we’ve been through this routine a few times and always survive! …the dog turns out great and they

Lola, our new rescue pup

keep us walking, moving, laughing and now….able to spend more time in my studio!
We’ve been greatly impressed with what the new pup knows already from the work an inmate has already done. Of course we have accidents, and some growling (from our established pack)…but, we
are making it through and all of our brains are getting bigger!
Another plus to this is that my studio makes a great training room! The backyard is just one step out the back door of my studio. I can paint…or at least think of painting while keeping an eye on the new pup.