Painting in Winter

What a great time to paint. It’s cold, we had some snow, tomorrow it will rain. There is no temptation to even wander in the yard and dream about spring. If it weren’t for the new dog, Lola, I would only get out to move from the house to my studio and back to the house again.
I’m working on some smaller canvas and enjoying the process. New painting, The Dog House, size 24X30″ acrylic on canvas.
I also got to thinking about my inspiration and who really taught me to paint in the first place. My grandmother was creative in the garden and she made her own lovely hats too. She also painted a great watercolor that I’ve kept in spite of all the moving I’ve done in my life. When I moved to Corvallis Oregon, I took some painting classes at OSU. The art department was terrific! Nelson Sandgren taught watercolor and he also painted in oils. His studio was an open place to visit and it was there I to learned how to make a painting. I was reminded of him today as I finished another small acrylic painting….I think he would have liked this work.

Begin again in January

After all of the events in December, January is a welcome relief and also a time to think about what’s been done and what kinds of new work could be done! I can endlessly put off starting a new painting even though I’ve bought some canvas and primed a few….so that when the idea strikes, I’ll be ready.
We’ve made some business decisions about new t-shirt designs for I know we should be adding and subtracting more designs to keep ourselves fresh. Some shirts such as “Rescued” have been in our line for 10 years!! and that design is still very popular along with “Ready”, Lucky Dog, and Save them All. My process is to create lots of paintings on large paper and then sit back and let the paintings speak! So, that’s the process I’m in. It’s like exploring with no particular destination or goal in mind. We are also going to restart our postcard mailing. We’ll be sending out 500 postcards per season so everyone will get one card and there will be 4 different designs. We haven’t done a mailing in a long time…lots of work and expense, but I’ve spent about a month getting the mailing lists sorted and purged. We re almost ready to go!! Waiting for Spring