A painting in progress

Dogs in woods step021513
I think that I sometimes do not stop to smell the roses….Custom work always takes priority in my painting life, and then I don’t have time or the mind set to just “create” something. My new years resolution was to paint more and just to paint …like a walk in the woods with no destination! I’m going to post the progress of this new canvas so I can follow my own steps. I always welcome company although it would make me nervous if someone was actually watching me paint! Enjoy the journey. The painting on my easel today has about 4 hours of work so far….but who’s keeping track?


Painting is a conversation. Sometimes the conversation stops…and then, later, it begins again. The room in the painting was too empty. Nothing like my life!  Now it is full of the memories of past  and present dogs in my mind…and even some of the dogs I’ve met along the way…a whole company of dogs. Now it seems like a good conversation. I’m  nearly finished with this canvas.


Transporting large canvas paintings

When I began to have shows in the Kansas City area in the 1990’s, I realized that a passenger car was not going to work. Many of my canvas pieces were 48X58″ and I just needed something larger than a regular car.  I went online and searched for used cars.  It was somehow easier then (1998) than it seems to be now…but I found a used Safari Van and traded my Honda in for this great Safari van that I could haul t-shirts, paintings, dogs, small furniture….whatever I wanted!  We even drove to a Backer Show in Atlantic City …packed to the gills with t-shirts display stands, signs, suitcases and two dogs.

Two years ago, ….just when Cash for Clunkers finally came online, that van became a prospective clunker when we were on our way to a dog show in Omaha, Nebraska! The Monday after our nervous return to the Kansas City area,  I traded my  usually trusty Safari in and  got a great Honda Insight that gets great gas mileage …and is kind of a computer on wheels.  But, no 48X58″ painting would fit in the Insight! This became a road block for my painting on canvas.  I worked on smaller canvas.  Even though some were successful, I really missed the larger space of a big canvas.

Yesterday we went shopping for a car that  I could put a large painting in…and we found one!  A Toyota Scion!  With tape measure in hand we walked around the Toyota lot inspecting  trunk openings. Now I can paint big paintings again!  It’s a wonderful thing.  I realize that the limitation of the transportation problem also affected my canvas painting.  Sounds silly, but…physical reality can get in the way of creative thinking.